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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'll be there for that. >> emotional, private, with cardinals rolling! >> thank you for watching at 6:00 a.m. >> and now, do we have an opinion on there at all? we'll have time saver traffic in just a moment. >> and howard is here with your weather first. >> as long as they're happy, right? >> let's get you going with a look at the day planner because we do have the threat for showers on and off all day as the temperature also slowly climb. later on this afternoon, toward the 60-degree mark. this morning we are watching the showers moving off to the north and the east. southern maryland and the northern neck are quiet. look at charlottesville and points south. we will show you some of those more moderate rain showers approaching culpeper and madison. it is 6:00 a.m. here is your time saver traffic. all right. we are kicking off a new hour and overall it looks like we're dealing with moderate conditions because we have tie- ups to avoid. let's take you to the maps. an accident out here. the police are on the scene.
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please be careful. next on the outer loop, and that's where we have more crash activity. new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue, and moving to a wider view of the area, the zoom in takes us down to virginia. we're traveling northbound on i- 95. outside we're slow in two spots between the prince william parkway and tapping on the brakes again between newington and backlick road. i-95 to 270, still in the clear. it looks like on 66 we have volume growing, and the toll road, no incidentsno accidents to report at this time. still ahead, we are traveling from the eastern shore and 50 heading westbound. that is at 6:12. back to you. >> and let's get to some of the stories happening today. the washington's arch bishop is heading to rome and he will be elevated to cardinal.
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and the district will unveil its first electric vehicle charging station. it will be at 14th and ut streets northwest. the mayor fenty will be joined at the announcement by officials from the department of energy. a groundbreaking today on the george w. bush presidential library. it will be on the grounds of southern methodist university in dallas. protesters are already lined up at the library site. well, here is at least one good thing about the redskins getting crushed last flight. the game was technically over so early you probably got to bed early. >> and that is about the only good news we can report about the game. unless you have michael vick on your fantasy team. >> because because, man, did he get started early. 18 seconds into the game, look at -- look at him claim this one. desean jackson, and the eagles lead 7-0 early. in the second, vick runs it in, six yards for the score here. here he rushed for two touchdowns and threw for a total after four more.
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the redskins get their hats handed to them, 59-28. the sports director with more now from fedex. >> it is something we have never seen before in a pro sports venue, the fans heading for the exits in the first quarter. the eagles had 35 points in this game before the redskins ever had a first down. and in what turned out to be one of the most thorough beat downs in the history of this franchise. >> i thought i was in a dream looking up at the scoreboard and just saw 59 points, and i'm like -- and then to see them get almost 600 yarrs and 260- something yards rushing. me as a captain, i take it personally, man. >> at this particular point right now, it is a down time in the locker room, but, you know, the light will shine. if you feel confident that it will, and we can make it change, but we have to be the ones to get out on the field and do it. >> ironically monday's beating came hours just after the
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redskins awarded donovan mcnabb with a five-year contract, $78 million, but it was the other team's quarterback that looked like he deserved the pay raise. michael vick threw for four touchdowns and ran for another two, all of this just 18 months removed from federal prison. at fed ex field with the redskins, 9 sports now. ouch. i mean, ouch. okay. so we know what the players are saying. what about the fan ? >> reporter: and the careton -- carrollton metro station, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're saying ouch as well, you know, as i chat with some of the fans here this morning. some of the things i'm hearing over and over are it was embarrassing. it was like a bad dream. it was one of the worst games i have ever seen. those are the phrases that just keep coming up. i want to share a few of my favorite interviews with you right now. take a listen. you watched the game. what did you think about it? i believe that the coaches did
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not prepare at all. the defense was horrible. they let vick do whatever he wanted to do. everybody needs to go back to training camp and start all over. >> reporter: how bad was it from your perspective? >> it was the worst performance i have seen by an nfl team in history. and that is my squad. i love the redskins. i'm a die hard redskins fan, but they looked horrible. it looked like the little league playing against the super bowl champs. they looked horrible. >> they got slaughtered by vick and the boys. so i'll give it to them, but the season is not over. >> reporter: i like your optimism. now, in addition to last night's crushing defeat, the other thing that the redskins fans are talking about this morning is, of course, how the redskins signed donovan mcnabb to that five-year, $78 million contract extension. i'll let you hear what some of the fans are saying coming up in a half an hour. back to you. >> and we like that guy's optimism. yeah, really. it is not over until it is over! wnd r. and we know you have an opinion about last night's
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defeat as well. so tell us what you think. leave your thoughts at 9. in other news, we are watching and waiting this morning about any new developments coming out of prince george's county. >> there are documents. it has been an explosive few days. the county executive jack johnson and his wife were arrested last friday. >> and the charges leveled against three police officers and six others indicted, all part of a scheme, the prosecutors say involve transporting and selling untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. the investigation is focusing on the ticktock liquor store in hyattsville. the team spent hours removing evidence from there and the store and the owner's home. the prosecutors say this is linked to the investigation of the county executive jack johnson, but they are not offering any other details. and this case and the case announced on friday are among that series of related investigations. we're not at liberty to talk about what 2 relationship --
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the relationship may be. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney added that more arrests could possibly follow. noticeably quiet in this, county elect baker. he dodged questions about the investigation yesterday. >> the corruption in the county? why are you walking away from that question? >> what we're focusedden oh are the needs of the people in prince george's county. we feed to make sure there is a first-rate government in place, that we're addressing job opportunities, our school system. >> reporter: now baker is set to take office december 6. and free rides for montgomery county school students could soon come to an end. lawmakers are meeting to push for student bus fees. some are concerned that would put a price tag on magnet schools. construction should begin in a few weeks oh an new barrier to protect d.c. from flooding. i bet you didn't know there was
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a levee downtown. it runs parallel to the reflecting pool. it would go alongside new barriers along 17th street and work should be done by next summer. it is 6:08. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> and this time she is focusing on credit roars and credit scores. >> and we're thinking about money, right? and if you don't have good credit, you may have more to worry about than just paying high interest rates on your credit cards a growing number of companies are using your credit report as an indication of whether they should do business with you and how much to charge you. one of the businesses watching you, auto insurance company. you may not think that bad credit is linked to bad drivers, but auto insurance companies think otherwise. in fact, some say your credit card report can be more important than your driving record. but the state you live in may make a difference as to whether your credit can hurt you. and a poor credit report can also cost you a job.
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the employers could be verifying information on your application or they could be checking how you handle your finances, but the fair credit reporting act requires your permission before they can pull your report and it forces them to tell you if they don't hire you based on what this report says. so before you swipe that card for gift this is holiday season, you're going to want to check your report and make sure there isn't any bad information that you don't know is out there because it can indeed hurt you. thank you very much. well, apparently a former president could possibly be a movie star very soon. >> he is following in your footsteps! the aides to the former president bill clinton will neither confirm nor deny about his new role as an actor. the 42nd president filmed a small role for the movie "the hangover 2", and the cameo was reportedly filmed in thailand and mr. clinton, reportedly an
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acting stretch" was himself. >> and if the movie is as successful as the first one, yes, the first one made $467 million worldwide. >> and following mike tyson? >> that is a weird combination. here is a look at what is coming up. >> a monospice some people say you can use to treat acne. at 6:13, the to merric facial. and making d.c. a hub for low fare buses? at 6:35, who is expanding here in the district. >> and next, how long will this rainy weather stick around? howard as your weather first, and it is just 90 seconds away.
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it is 6:12. we have areas of rain and lulls, and that will be the case all day. we're going to try to get do 60. grab the rain gear. right now angie has a look at your time seauer traffic. >> reporter: good tuesday morning. traveling 50 westbound, no problems to report. your lanes are open from the bay bridge all the way to the beltway. up next in your traffic report at 6:18 acouple of maryland accidents to avoid. >> thank you. >> and the tea prity about visits are hoping to make a change in washington. many, though, didn't expect to win so soon. >> that is one of the stories
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making news right now. the senate republicans say they'll back a moratorium on pork barrel projects. and mitch mcconnell now says he'll follow the houses lead. and a family is in mourning. the 28-year-old specialist was killed in afghanistan. he was stationed at fort campbell in kentucky. nasa will attach new equipment to the space shuttle discovery today. the teams are fixing a gas leak. right now nasa says the repairs are on track for a launch at the end of this month. last night at 11:00, 9 news talked about how some cultures believe the spice turmeric can have medicinal purposes. >> these are things you can find at home and they don't cost a fortune. >> and she is making an all natural facial mask using a half teaspoon of the spice turmeric with a tablespoon of
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yogurt. this mixture is popular in indian culture. she says she used it regularly to treat acne in her teens. >> i had very less break-outs. that's when you see how effective it is >> for dry skin, people oughted honey or coconut oil. >> and my mother actually used it before her wedding because it is used in generations for brides and grooms before their wedding to put it on a day or two before to kind of give their skin a very healthy glow. >> reporter: the supporters also believe the how deer can heal with the healing of wounds. >> it has anti-cancer, antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties. so from that basis it works very similar to, say avitamin c. product that we use pretty regularly here in western culture. >> reporter: it is part of traditional indian medicine. it has been around in that culture for over 5,000 years,
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however, western science doesn't have solid evidence on all of the benefits of turmeric. after ablying the mask, she keeps it on for no more than 10 minutes to avoid staining the skin, and then she washes it off with warm water. [ and honey and yogurt helps nowish the skin. >> reporter: 9 news now. >> and now she says she recommends using turmeric once a week and you can expect to see differences in your skin in about a month, she says. >> that's on the outside, and on the inside, my buddy blog is talking about how it can prevent breast cancer. >> i didn't know that. >> so turmeric is definitely one of the spices for life. >> and you say you like it on hot dogs. >> yes. >> a lot of uses there. we have a wet day ahead. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. i want to start by showing you what has been happening the last 12 hours. unfortunately if you want it to be dry today, the chances aren't very great.
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this extends almost all the way back to the gulf coast. the rain has really stretched from boston down toward mobile and new orleans so you get the idea that we're going to see on- and-off showers. some of them will be heavy and the heavier stuff will be north and west of washington. we are looking at the rain. again, breaks in southern maryland and also western maryland, even in toward the district now we have breaks showing up as all of this is lifting toward the northeast. west of 95 is where we're really seeing the heavier stuff. and down towards culpeper, this is where we have heavy to moderate showers. and southern, and this will then head towards prince william, and likely staying just west of the district. but when you start to see the yellows and the oranges, that is an indication that we have some moderate to heavy showers. later today, we may actually get into a couple of thunderstorms south and east. here is your bus stop forecast.
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we have the threat for those showers. they're out there now so be prepared for that with the temperatures ranging in the mid 40s to the lower 50s. parts of southern maryland, the district, and we will see temperatures today slowly, and i mean slowly climb through the 350s. 9:00, 54. by noon, 57. if we stay socked in with the rain, the temperatures will stay this warm. and the wind will push milder air from the delmarva toward us. that's why i have temperatures at 60 for the afternoon high. we also have problems in the if you remember of fog near frederick. andrews one mile and a half mile at lue ray. so west, again, you have problems where the visibility is really down. we sit at 51 with fredericksburg and cambridge, the warm spot at 52 degrees.
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national has light rain and 51. the wind is currently calm. the barometer will be dropping south, and you can see this here coming through oklahoma and arkansas. it will track west of us and the moisture been drawn out of the gulf of mexico bringing the rains toward us. south of 95 or east of 95, the northern neck, you'll get some showers, but you won't get the rain that we're going to get north and west. lots of rain, some of it heavy across the shenandoah. we'll still have showers especially north at 5:00 and tonight, here comes the front. we wake up to sunshine on wednesday. but when? the next three days, 60 today with the rain. 62 tomorrow. the winds could gust over 30. by the weekend, though achilly friday, so cold for the playoff games friday night and then looking good for maryland on saturday. 56 on sunday. here is angie at 6:18. thank you so much, howard.
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we're still at the moderate level when we look at the conditions across our viewing area. and this is rockville, and notice the crash activity. the police presence, still taking away that right lane. it looks like traffic has come to a stand still, and this back- up will hopefully start to clear up as they open the roadway. let's move you on over to the outer loop. i can show you we do have volume building from 95 over to georgia avenue. overall, no major incidents to report. the good news is the accident before suitland road, it has cleared out of the way. we have more crash activity at 210 to watch out for. meanwhile, it looks like 95 heading northbound in virginia, everyone is moving well here. no incidents and no accidents, and just volume, and again from newington as you make your way towards the mixing bowl. let's take you over to the
6:20 am
metro. metro and v. r. e. are on time. mark trains, they have been canceled due to mechanical problems. now, back to you. >> all right all right. it is coming up on 6:20 and we have breaking news, and the thrown is pleased, prince william and miss katherine middleton are engaged to be married. the 28-year-old became engaged during a vacation in kenya and they plan a spring or a summer wedding next year. >> very nice. >> of course, we'll keep you updated on that. i'm sure that will be the top story ton cbs early show. >> i bet it is. >> coming up on 6:20:30, 2 beatles and i tunes finally reach a deal so you can down load the fab four. >> and georgetown hosting tulane. we have highlights coming up next!
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welcome back. 6:23. we have rain out there. we're showing much of the rain west of 95 alittle north and east there, but not that much. cull pep tore warrenton to 29, that is the heaviest shower we have. your day planner today, we have a threat for showers and rain all day. 57 at noon and 60 for a high. thank you, howard. in sports, it is not quite a marquee match-up at the verizon center tonight. the wizards host the toronto raptors. >> the teams have a combined four wins this entire season. tip-off is at 7:00. the georgetown hoyas played at the verizon center last night hosting tulane a great night for austin freeman. the hoyas were up 12 at the break. in the second half it was jason clark's turn. he had 17 points. georgetown wins 69-53. the hoyas improve to 2-0. and 6:24. coming up, more reaction to the redskins 'em bar rasing loss to
6:25 am
the eagles. people headed for the exits before the first quarter was over. >> a good thing the tailgate parties were good. j and also ahead, expanding facebook. the new feature. and a quick check of traffic now. >> reporter: we take you to rockville where we are live at the scene. an accident blocks the right lane. up next at 6:30, more crashes to avoid early on this tuesday. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch
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while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. we are back at 6:29, and this is always the place to get your weather first. here is a look at some of the weather a live look at the u.s. capitol a little foggy, some rain. cloudy, damp morning out there. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we're glad you're here. it is 6:30. and hi, there! one more cup of coffee, thank you very much! howard is on the weather terrace. good morning, howard. >> reporter: we'll have some tutoring on your name after the show, mike. light rain here in northwest, and some other areas are seeing heftier rain. grab the rain gear and be ready for showers almost anytime. there will be some lulls. the temperature also slowly climb from the low 50s to around 54 at 9:00. nine time temperatures, 57 and at 3:00 and 6:00, we'll be
6:30 am
hovering around 60 degrees. more showers are coming back. you see the break, especially south and east, that's where we're not seeing that much, but west of i-95, you will see more. i will be back at around 6:43. we'll have live doppler 9,000. right now here is angie with your time saver traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we're finding more tie-ups out on our roadways. let's begin with 395. approaching the third street tunnel, that's where we have slow traffic. the pentagon approaching the southeast-southwest freeway as a result of that. moving it over to rockville, and it looks like some better news out here. the crash activity has cleared and we now have all of our lanes back. not the case at 198. that's where we have another wreck reported and southbound 210 at farmington road, more
6:31 am
crash activity to keep an eye out for. 66 headed eastbound, it looks like you're starting to pick up from the fairfax county parkway and the beltway. and coming up in your next traffic report, that is at 6:45, more on this maryland accidents to avoid. back to you. thank you. we know you really don't want to talk about it. >> but we are. everyone will be talking about the redskins getting crushed by the eagles last night. this is what happened on the opening play. >> 2 play from about the 12 and there is vick, as you talked about, rolling and launching down field for the touch and jackson on the opening play and all the way for a touchdown! >> i think the referee was the closest to tackling him. one of just four touchdown passes by michael vick, all of them in the first half. he even rushed for two touchdowns. donovan mcnabb, not as good. he threw three intercepses,
6:32 am
this one in the third quarter. it was returned for a touchdown. the redskins lose to the eagles 59-28. >> at some point during the year you kind of have a gut check and this probably would be the finest one. >> defensively this game is on us. we let everybody down and we're going to put this on us because they came out there and flat out just beat us, and it was something we couldn't recover from. >> so what are fans saying this morning? at least in words that we can share with you on television? >> we'll keep the four-letter words secret. and we're live. so what are you hearing so far? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the headlines this morning are absolutely scathing. check out the washington examiner. their headline reads monday night massacre. michael vick and the eagles turned monday night football into a scoring clinic against the redskins jumping out to a big lead and handing washington an embarrassing 59-28 loss at
6:33 am
fed ex field. so certainly everybody here is talking about that brutal loss last night. but the other thing the redskins fans are talking about is, of course, the redskins' signing donovan mcnabb to a contract extension. five years, $78 million, and some fans think it is premature. other fans think it is a good idea. take a listen to what a few people had to say this morning. >> i think that mcnabb bring as lot of leadership and a lot of -- just a seasoned veteran. he is coming to the 'skins, and i think that they need him honestly at this time. it is a critical point for them. it was a good move. >> prema include. i think they could have waited until the end of the season. they haven't seen anything from mcnabb really, so they could have waited. >> reporter: now, i want to go back to this front page one more time. check this out, okay? the headline is pg cops busted in federal probe, nine charges,
6:34 am
corruption case grows, and then right below it you have the monday night massacre headline. so, mike, the i'm going to leave you with this. and somebody tweeted me on twitter and they said what is the bigger disgrace right now for the d.c. area? the p.g. county corruption cases or the redskins' performance last night? i don't know. pretty much a toss-up if you ask me right now. back to you. >> it is going to be a busy day, conversationwise no matter where you go. by the way, that $78 million could go up to $88 million with incentives and $40 million of it guaranteed. in other news, closing arguments in the murder trial could begin today. the defense rested its case on monday. the prosecutors dismissed attempted kidnapping and robbery charges against him, and that is because the statute of limitations on those charges had reason out, but he still faces two counts of felony murder in the death of shondra
6:35 am
levy. her body was found a year later. he never took the stand in his own defense. a guilty plea is expected today from maria espinoza. she was behind the wheel of a car which crashed on the g.w. parkway last year. 22-year-old ashley roberto died in the crash and the soccer player charlie davies was seriously hurt. she is expected to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. as millions of us get ready to fly for the thanksgiving holiday, the issue now of airport security is back in the news. some are upset with the new full body scanning machines in place that actually look under your clothes for weapons or explosives and some think they're an invasion of privacy. essentially a virtual strip church and monday janet napolitano said she is open to the criticism of the machines. a facebook page is calling for a national opt out day on november 24th. it would require airport security agents to do a full body pat down of anyone who
6:36 am
says no to those scanning machines. 6:36. jessica is back with another your money report. big news this morning when it comes to d.c. and the low fare bus routes. >> we're talking about megabucks! megabucks is one of these discounselled bus lines. it has been known to charge as little as $1 for a one-way fare and mug bus is now launching in washington, d.c. with services to richmond, knoxville, tennessee and raleigh, north carolina, and it has a killer inaugural deal. to betwin the expansion the company is offering 10,000 free seats online to travel to and from the new cities from december 15 to january 15. the district will become megabus's fifth travel hub with 10 new routes leaving from northwest. this service begins next month. aing is promising what it calls an exciting i tunes announcement this morning. it is not giving away any
6:37 am
specifics, but the analysts say it may introduce a subscription- based streaming service. [ music ] and several news organizations are also reporting apple will announce it has finally struck a deal with the beatles to sell the band's music on i tunes. the beatles has been one of the last major hold-outs to sell its music via digital down load. and facebook has unveiled a new messaging platform taking aim at e-mail. it combines your cell phone, text, chat, e-mail and existing facebook. it will give out e-mail addresses. the new platform will be rolled out in the coming months. users already spend more time on facebook than any other web site on the world. i don't know if i want everything all in one place, though, for my communication. >> no, no, no. i know i don't.
6:38 am
>> it is a privacy thing that scares me. >> it is a little too much information in one place that people say may not be the most secure option. >> and it is not secure. >> you're out there, so to speak. >> yes. >> thank you. did we get it all done? >> i think, ill of the cliches we could find in one sentence. he is the first living recipient of the medal of honor since the vietnam war. >> and he will receive the military's highest award. three years ago he and his squad were ambushed by taliban fighters in afghanistan. he charged through a barrage of gun fire and was shot saving a wounded squad leader, but then he charged a second time with
6:39 am
taliban fighters trying to carry off a gravely wounded comrade. he told his story to cbs news. one guy had his arms and one guy had his legs, and they were dragging him. >> did you see their faces? >> i saw their hats and their beards, and i saw their guns. their guns were slung on their backs because their hands were full. >> reporter: the soldier he tried to save died on the operating table, but because of his heroism, his comrade did not die in enemy hands. president obama will present him the medal of honor this afternoon at the white house. and it is 6:39. up next, howard tells us how long the shower also stick arn. >> also coming up, oh, my baby! one of the biggest risks new moms face and how to fight it. and here is a look at what is coming up tonight on channel 9. at 10:00, watch "the good wife" and then join us for 9 news now at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] 6:43. weather first, and we're going to start with your momslikeme
6:44 am
dock bus forecast. rain is on the rain. it is already here, so be prepared for that. scattered showers. and 40s and low 50s this morning. the sun is up at 6:52. it sets at about 4:54. our day planner for today, chance of showers and rain all day. there will be some lulls. 54 at 9:00 and 57 at noon and notice the winds turn more southeastly and pick up 10 to 15. that should bring in milder air. we'll creep up towards 60. fog, a problem out in cumberland. andrews air force base, again, down to three quarters, so we'll keep that in mind today. we have temperatures which are running in the mid to upper 40s. let's go to live doppler 9,000. you'll begin to see the rain that we have. northern anne arundel county and prince george's starting to see some now. the northern neck is starting to see some rain out there. luckily we have the lulls as we were talking about here,
6:45 am
southern prince charles, pretty quiet. west of 95 up to west of 270, you can see the rain. the rain starts to pick up. most of it is light. but as you head from manassas, there is some yellow and heavier showers moving up towards fairfax county and down towards fredericksburg now and points south, this is all lifting off toward the north. this could get up into charles county in the next 30 minutes. back on the weather computer, temperatures are right at 50 degrees with regan national. and for us, a storm system which is coming into oregon -- arkansas lifting gulf moisture north and east. that will be giving us the threat of rain. so wet today around 60. windy tomorrow. gusts could be 30, but there could be sun in the morning. as we head toward friday achilly day with -- chilly night there for the playoff games, and saturday looks nice with a temperature of 62. it is 6:45. over to you. good morning, everybody. it is getting a little busy out
6:46 am
there. right now we have new crash activity to tell you about. here we are live at the scene at university. it looks like the right lane of traffic is able to get by here and coming this way, but it looks like they're going to be out there for some time trying to clear the scene. approaching the third street tunnel and that is impacting the 395 heading northbound. the drivers look like they're bumper to bumper making their way towards the freeway and then before that hay ear slow from the beltway over to seminary. 32 westbound at route 175. we're losing a couple of lanes because of the crash. and your travel times from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, we're looking at a 22- minute commute. in your -- your next traffic report is at 6:58. the top traffic stories of the morning. back to you. thank you. 6:46. while many families, of course,
6:47 am
celebrate the new addition of a newborn baby, 1 -- one in four mothers struggling with a problem that often stays hidden. >> we're talking about postpartum depression and it is the focus of this morning's oh, my baby segment. scientists put it between 1% and 25%. and jackie lee is one of those women. she has battled it twice, the latest fight as recently as one year ago, and fortunately she noticed the signs in time and got help. >> you're supposed to just be joyful and happy and this is wonderful and i wasn't. and i think that guilt sets in. >> it is important to be aware of what those risk factors are and to know that you're until the alone that you're not alone in this. that you're not to blame in it and that there is support out there. >> for most women medication and counseling are enough to overcome cases of postpartum depression. >> and you are how many weeks away? >> four weeks away. >> oh, my goodness.
6:48 am
>> i'm getting another sonogram today. going back to the postpartum. i have been reading a lot of books and i tend to skip over the chapters that talk about this because like so many you think that is not going the happen to me and then a magazine article i read says it will happen to you because you're type a, you're having active and all of a sudden your life slows down. >> and it is the level of postpartum depression. i think some women have some start of letdown. we have some risk factors on the screen that we want to share with you. if there is a history of postpartum depression in your family, that could be something you need to consider. financial problems can definitely bring on that kind of stress. it can have a stress on your relationships as well. unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can also spur postpartum depression, and then if you have a weak support system, and that is something angie doesn't have to worry about. she has a large support system all the time. the moms, the sisters and then the channel 9 family including
6:49 am
mike, what is your last name? >> uncle mike. i can pronounce that. >> we're there for you and you have a great doctor, so we're there for you. >> it is a very important story and i know a lot of women get blind sided by that. i'm glad that we could share that with you. >> and we have more of that on our web site and at and it is 6:49. 51 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the headlines before you go coming up next. good morning, everybody. time for you to pick this week's d.c. dot highschoolsports .net high school gym of the week. lake braddock hosting robinson, and the top two teams in maryland. liberty at briar wood as the district champs, and cast your vote for game of the week.
6:50 am
the winning game will lead our coverage on friday night. have a great day, everybody! oh wow, look at that. calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona. ha, ha, ha, i love 3d.
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6:53. we've got some rain out there. some areas are in lulls like southern maryland. but grab the rain gear. we will slowly climb to the upper 50s to around 60 for a high. >> and thank you, sir. 6:53 on this tuesday morning a quick check of news before you go. the u.s. attorney's office says there could be more arrests in prince george's county. nine people, including three police officers, were hit with corruption charges monday. the u.s. attorney says this is, indeed, linked to the arrest of the county executive jack johnson. and the foreclosure mess could cost banks billions of dollars and hurt the housing market even more. that is according to a congressional watchdog report out today. it says the full impact of the recent foreclosure mess is
6:54 am
still unclear. j and a mess of a different kind, but a mess nonetheless. fed ex field, michael vick threw for four touchdowns an rushed for two more. the 'skins fall to the eagles getting crushed 59-28. "the early show" begins in just five minutes. >> harry smith tells us what is coming up at the top oh the hour. >> and royal engagement, prince william and kate middleton finally announce their wedding plans. plus, why new airport security inspections are causeing so much outrage and how it will affect your thanksgiving travel. and where in the world is dave price? we last saw him at a truck stop in washington, and. fran: out how far he has made it or not. that is his journey -- as his journey back to normal continues coming up. back to you. >> thank you, harry. our time now is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9 news continues. keep it here!
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it is 6:58. we have some rain out there. it is going to be light to moderate at times, and around 60, but that will be a late afternoon high. cooler wednesday and thursday and then nice by saturday. we're back in the low 60s. we'll be live with you through the entire early show. >> and right now, areas to avoid. this is mill road. they're still in the clearing stages. eastbound on the freeway at the tunnel, more crashes, and the drivers are jammed back towards the pentagon causing the 14th street bridge and slow before that on the beltway at seminary. 66 is one of the biggest delays out there. and over to you. >> all right.
6:59 am
>> finally this morning, "harry potter" mania has reached washington. a sneak preview in the uptown. >> and this is the second-to- the-last movie in the series. about 800 lucky fans got to see it even though it doesn't hit theatres until 12:01 friday morning. so, how was isn't it? >> it was pretty good. >> awesome. >> worth the wait. >> and i thought there were some really visually beautiful moments in it. >> and as for the stars of the movie, they were in new york city last night. it was a red carpet premier. daniel radcliff says harry potter, and he said it was a passionate smooch with emma watson. both say they're not interested in continuing this saga on film. >> they're getting -- getting too big. >> they're old. >> and we are looking lower this morning, but we have a number of economic reports,. >> "the early show" is next. of course, we'll have more on the airport security screening ante


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